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Thanks and Bibliography



This research was a collective endeavour.   The insights and ideas that have been shared with you have been co-created by a wide range of people, and simply curated together here by the author.  

A huge thank you to: Alex Bos, Amy Mount, Ben Jackson, Duncan Shrubsole, Fiona Weir, Greer Roberts, Helen Kersley, Jake Wakefield, Jo Swinson, Jo Wells, Katharine Knox, Louise Abraham, Lydia Mbogoro, Muireann Montague, Nadia Hafedh, Raakhi Shah, Robin Webster, Sarah Campbell, Sarah Clifton, Sarah Jordan and Sarah Whitbread.

Special thanks must go to: Almir Koldzic, Ben Margolis, Dan Firth, Dan Paskins, Jon Cracknell, Maddie Carroll, Morten Thaysen, Richard Darlington, Roger Harding, Sotez Chaudhury, Steve Akehurst, Sue Tibbals, Tom Baker, Will Brett and Will Somerville.

Extra special thanks must go to Martha McKenzie for her sharp insight and analysis throughout the development of this research, Randi Lawrence for both her amazing organisational skills helping to marshal this process, and her excellent challenge along the way and to Kirsty McNeill for her brilliant insight and invaluable editorial support.  

Thank you also to Vicky Hill for her much needed help with proofreading.


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